Revival Summit

Revival summits create an environment for God to work in unique, powerful ways among your congregation. Summits come in two formats:

• 8-day Summit (Sunday through Sunday)
• 15-day Summit (Sunday through two more Sundays)

Such a concentrated and extended approach to ministry is surprisingly appealing to today’s churchgoer; in fact, these events often become a significant mile marker in the lives of churches and their members—when commitments are made, marriages are restored, parent/child relationships are rebuilt, trust is regained, sin is forsaken, and vision is recaptured.

While we can’t “produce” revival (that is God’s work!), we believe, based on biblical and historical examples, that we can set aside a special time in our schedules to pursue Him, to pray for revival, and to come to a place of fresh obedience. We focus on improving the health of the church by calling believers to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ, introducing revival principles to the whole family.

Summits begin with a clear explanation of what seeking God for revival means—and how the first step toward God is humbly admitting our need for His help, mercy, and power. “Lord, send revival, and let Your work begin in me!”

Next, our revival speakers, musicians, youth and children’s workers, and support staff will partner with your church family to seek the Lord. The preaching at a summit is thoroughly Bible-centered, helping congregations respond to God’s Word in repentance, obedience, faith, and prayer. We spend a significant amount of time helping your church apply these principles where they count the most—in their own homes, in their own hearts, and as they go forth to be a light to the world.

The logistics of hosting summits have been well established in our 40-plus-year history of doing these kinds of events in churches across North America. Our support staff will provide you with everything you need, from clear preparation suggestions for your church, to specific breakdowns of what to do, when to do it, and how to get the most out of the summit experience. In fact, we can even send one of our preachers to you 6–8 weeks prior to the summit, to help walk your leadership team through the process, build anticipation in the church family, and answer any remaining questions your team may have about being ready for the summit.

Here is what one pastor had to say about his overall summit experience:

I have been in the ministry for 30 years and so have been in many conferences and revival settings with great worship and teaching. However, the summit was unique in its intensity, its length, and that I got to experience it along with the whole church body. I am stunned by the cumulative effect of the whole body being together daily and seeking God together for eleven days. I find that I am shaken in a good way. I don’t know what all this will mean for us in the months and years ahead, but I am certain that we’ve been forever altered for the good as a church. – Virginia

Another pastor wrote:

The frequent comments of members are that the Life Action summit was the best thing our church ever did corporately. We have experienced a revival of repentance, and the majority of the congregation has testified to some measure of confession and transformation. Confession and restitution are still going on. – Georgia

And one more recommendation:

In large part, the life of our church was redefined by the Life Action summit. Not because Life Action changed our agenda or gave us a new program—rather, in just two weeks, they ushered our congregation into God’s presence and into God’s Word in a fresh way. The worship, the teen ministries, the children’s programs, and the preaching brought us to a point of no return—no returning to the past, to the old ways, to our comfort zones, to our complacency. Tears were shed, lives were changed. In the months following, we experienced growth in attendance and outreach. – Ohio

To speak with our summit scheduling team, to ask questions, or even to look at possible dates that Life Action could visit your church, call or e-mail us today.

A summit is ideal for . . .

– pastors looking for our premium revival conference option
– churches with a weekly attendance of 500 plus
– churches interested in pausing “business as usual” to seek God