THIRST Conference

Living water is still available today . . . we just have to drink.

THIRST is a unique call to churches that have grown spiritually dry, offering the hope that comes from drinking deeply from the living water of Christ. THIRST exposes one of the main causes of dryness in Christians’ lives today: substitution. Substitution happens when we start looking to anything besides Jesus as our main source of joy and fulfillment. Work, hobbies, entertainment, food, success, ministry, family, fame . . . any of these good things can easily take God’s rightful place in our hearts.

We were meant to have an eternal relationship with the “Lover of our Souls”: Jesus Christ. We were never meant to find our refreshment and purpose in the things of this earth, be they good or evil. God wants us to lay down the substitutes we’ve allowed to replace Him, and to refresh our vision to love Him with all that we are, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and, as we go forward, to complete the Great Commission.

THIRST is a 4-day conference experience that your whole church can enjoy. From Sunday morning through Wednesday night, the Life Action team will bring powerful preaching, refreshing worship, memorable testimonies, dynamic children’s and youth programs, and passionate prayer right into your sanctuary. By carefully unpacking biblical texts related to loving God, loving people, understanding and receiving God’s grace, turning from pride and sin, calling out for God’s help, and seeking Him wholeheartedly, our team will partner with you in casting a vision of a revived, loving, and powerful Christian life.


As far as the logistics of the conference, we have a dedicated staff who will coach you and your leadership team through every aspect of preparing practically and spiritually for the THIRST conference. Our earnest prayer is that God would use this special moment in your church life as a catalyst to help you complete God’s mission in your community, as your people are renewed, refreshed and, prayerfully, revived by His presence!


Ideal for . . .

– pastors who would like to try setting aside a special time for renewal
– churches with a weekly attendance of 500 plus
– churches who need spiritual refreshing and an introduction to revival